The Book

The story of a middle aged writer, MONTY, a metaphysical pessimist undergoing an existential crisis, while house sitting a Sutton Place apartment on New York City’s Upper East Side, in the late 1990s. And then there’s, PETE, the Peeler, Monty’s muse and obsession.

From Marshall’s  FOREWORD  of  The Peeler:

This novel is Psycho-Baroque; a car crashes  through a dream and comes out the other side before it crashes. Where a pair of lover’s tongues become saints in the church of gob, the death of the forest is halted by the killing of a jackdaw and face slapped many times begats wisdom…

The Author/Editor

Bertie Marshall is the author of Berlin Bromley - his critically acclaimed memoir about his life as part of The Bromley Contingent- and mid 70s pre-punk London.

In 2015 the British Library purchased his writing archive. His books include, the debut novel Psychoboys (1997)  Berlin Bromley (2006) and Nowhere Slow (2014) collected writings and the novella, From Sleepwalking to Sleepwalking (2016).

Marshall gives regular performances of his work in NYC, Berlin and London. Most recent; two pieces of work (framed notebook pages) and a booklet, (Wild, re-write) as one of the contributors to ‘ The Critic as Artist’ exhibition at Reading International.

Pages: 56
Dimensions: 5 x 8 inch
ISBN: 978-1986321143
Cat No: DW-001-26
Imprint: Dostoyevsky Wannabe Originals
Publishing Model: Classic