The Book

THE IMPERATIVE COMMANDS is a method-poem in action. Using umpteen numerical and circadian constraints, melville spent one year harvesting and re-planting imperatives, assertions, instructions and ‘facts’ – so you don’t have to! The language of corporate, cultural and state instruction is our new lingua franca, but what, and how, are these instructions instructing us? Read this book to find out. A must-read for anyone who exists today, or tomorrow.

The Author/Editor

Scotland’s best kept secret, nicky [nick-e] melville has been described variously as an ‘avant-radge’ and ‘a poet.’ Decade of Cu ts, his selected poems, was published in 2021 with Blue Diode Press. While his ABBODIES sequel buckles under the weight of geopolitical coincidence, he spends his time making music as Fuck This, a project which could be described as Ivor Cutler on [nick-]e.

Pages: 406
Dimensions: B-Format
ISBN: 979-8846669918
Cat No: DW-001-109
Imprint: Dostoyevsky Wannabe Originals
Publishing Model: Classic