Dostoyevsky Wannabe News and Things

So 2020 is almost over. We just wanted to update you on what's been happening with us this year.

Dostoyevsky Wannabe in 2020. Doing a lot of walking around outside.

What's been going on with us??

No news is erm...good news (is it?)

We're obviously not alone in finding 2020 to be a tricky year but we just wanted to update you on what's been going on with us as a few people have been in touch to ask why we've been quieter than usual this year.

Dostoyevsky Wannabe output in 2020

First things first, we were always planning to publish fewer books and to partially move to a more tailored model of publishing this year but it's true that we didn't expect to publish just four books (maybe more like 6-8 but of the four that we did publish they were good ones eh!). This is no big thing really as we're very happy with the titles that came out this year but still 2020 has presented challenges for us with regard to finding time to run the press due to various outside pressures (pesky things like rent and day-jobs). Time wise, at some points during 2020 we found ourselves down to half a person in terms of running the press, typesetting, cover design, etc.

Tailored Books

What do we mean by our tailored books? Well basically our tailored books are something closer to a more regular publishing model but still print on demand. They are priced more at the cost of an average book to allow us to pay the editors (if it's a tailored anthology) or the writer (if single authored). Also these books will hopefully allow for independent bookshops to buy a few copies should they want to (or as many as they feel able to risk as we still can't afford to offer sale or return). This also means they can take their usual retail discount and hopefully find them via more usual distributors to stock them more easily than under the model of POD that we used for the first five or six years. As a zero-budget small press, we are still not in a position to put out tailored books all the time yet and we won't be in 2021 either but we've started that process and hopefully we'll move towards more of the same in 2021.


Thanks to all of the authors who were due to have their book out in 2020 and who recently agreed to be patient as we try and figure out how to find time to typeset and produce covers for them. We look forward to getting them published in 2021.

We occasionally have older DW Cities books that were due to arrive with us some time ago but which are only now starting to arrive. We will do our best with these but they will likely stretch to 2021 or 2022 depending on how fast we can get to them (clue: it won't be fast we're afraid -- see the rest of this page for why that is). If any editors don't feel able to wait and want to repurpose the publication of that book with another publisher or put the book out themselves then we will understand (we're more than happy to continue with the projects though, it's just we can't commit to any useful timeframe given our current lack of capacity for publishing too many books).


With our plan to reduce our output and the move to more of a tailored model, we're afraid that we still won't be opening submissions for the foreseeable future but we'll let everyone know when we do.

That's all for now, folks!

This is not really a plea to buy our books and is more of a post to address some of the enquiries that we have been receiving and to do so in one place BUT please do feel free to go onto our site and to buy as many Dostoyevsky Wannabe books as you feel like buying. We've worked with so many talented authors and all Dostoyevsky Wannabe books that are still 'in print' await you on our site.

Thanks everyone!