Mixtape: The Judy

Judy is a surfer. Judy is a punk. Judy is a teenage rebel. Judy is your best friend. Judy is your girlfriend. Judy is the future.

Judies at rest

In the seven years after the release of The Wizard of Oz, 200,000 Judies were born. All of them became teenagers in the late Fifties and early Sixties. Judies everywhere, a Judy in every office and on every street, everywhere you look there’s a Judy, sitting next to you on the bus - it's Judy, waitress Judy is pouring coffee for other Judies, Judy is the new girl in your class, Judy lives next door. Here's space-age Judy... Shout to her... Hey Judy!

Judy – The Pipettes
Dum, Dum, De Dip – Judi & The Affections
Judy's Turn To Cry – Lesley Gore
Punch And Judy – The Cascades
Judy – The Beach Boys
Judy, Judy, Judy – Johnny Tillotson
Judy Says (Knock You in the Head) – The Vibrators
Judy Is a Punk – Ramones
Miss Judy's Farm – Faces
Back In Judy's Jungle – Brian Eno
Judy and the Dream of Horses – Belle & Sebastian
St. Judy's Comet – Paul Simon
Punch And Judy – Elliott Smith
Give Judy My Notice – Ben Folds
Shake Like Judy Says – Furniture
Making Judy Smile – Ride
Richard and Judy – The Spook School
Judy Staring At The Sun – Catherine Wheel with Tanya Donnelly
Judy – Al Green
'69: Judy Garland – The Magnetic Fields

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