Dostoyevsky Wannabe Samplers

The ‘Cassette Series’ of books are our main sampler series. Cassettes. Cassette tapes, mixtapes. videotapes, magnetic tape, pre-recorded tape, pirated tape, blank tape, Krapp's Last Tape, these books are none of these. They aren’t cassettes, these are books. Why? The idea came from C86, the free tape that appeared on the NME (UK) in 1986. We wanted a title for a literary sampler and the first thing we thought of was a free sampler of music. We don’t know why. Why does everyone always need to know why?

The Cassette Series is on a bit of a hiatus but will continue and be re-imagined and extended sometime towards the end of 2019. We’re also working on different types of Dostoyevsky Wannabe sampler with more anthologies themed around particular subjects but more details about that when we know more about what we’re talking about.

There are also one or two special partnership anthologies with other literary magazines in the offing. Watch this space.