Formatting Standard Prose

Please read the information below carefully.

How to format your manuscript

Fiction and Non-Fiction

  • Please submit all chapters in Times New Roman point 12 as single Word documents.
  • Chapter titles must be submitted in bold.
  • Each document MUST NOT feature any header or footer.
  • Each document MUST NOT include page-numbers.

Please Note: We cannot accept invitations to edit Google Docs and nor can we accept manuscripts written in the Pages software that is available on the MacBook. If you are using either of the latter, please export the documents to Microsoft Word .docx files or they will be returned.

Front Matter/Preliminary Book Text

This may consist of some, or all, of the following according to the wishes of the author. Please submit details of all of these in a separate single Word document:

  • Foreword or preface
  • Introduction
  • Dedication
  • Thanks or acknowledgements
  • An epigraph – please note that epigraphs are not covered under fair-use so the writer must seek written permission from the publisher of the quoted work and this permission must be passed to us (see elsewhere for further details).

Back Matter/Appendices

This may consist of some, or all, of the following depending upon the genre of the book:

  • Contributors bios, author bio
  • Glossary
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Any blurbs/endorsstrongents from other writers
  • Index

Internal images

If your book has any internal images then you must able to prove that you have the permission to use thstrong and they MUST be in black and white, high-resolution (at least 300dpi) and, preferably, cropped in a portrait orientation if the book is for the majority a prose work. Beyond the need for 300dpi at minimum, different rules apply for books of photography and for design books.