The Book

During the Cold War, the CIA developed a simple unwritten set of rules intended to keep their operatives safe whilst conducting espionage operations in the former Soviet Union, these were the so called Moscow Rules. This book misappropriates these rules and uses them as a frame to hold together a mixture of borrowed registers (Mills and Boon romance literature, scientific jargon, re-purposed fashion spread captions) to form a fractured anti-prose/poetry. 

It's a book for anyone whose ever watched 6 hours of the BBC adaptation of Smiley's People from the early-80s and then switched over to Channel 5. 

The Author

Richard Brammer was born in 1975. He's trying to stop being a writer. 

Pages: 128
Dimensions: 5 x 8 inch
ISBN: 978-1519164995
Cat No: DW-002-71
Imprint: Dostoyevsky Wannabe Experimental
Publishing Model: Classic