Submit Poetry to Dostoyevsky Wannabe

Poetry submissions have re-opened now until November 2019 are being dealt with by contributing editor Maria Sledmere. See below for the kind of thing she's interested in reading.

This image has nothing to do with poetry submissions but that's ok. It's ok you know.

"Super excited to announce I’m taking over as Dostoyevsky Wannabe’s new poetry editor for a spell. I’ll be reading all poetry submissions over the next few months within our current reading period, which finishes in November 2019. I’m interested in collections that work with ekphrasis, intimacy and desire, ‘post-internet’ aesthetics and affects, ambient modes of perception, pop culture, the weather; collections that play with the lyric in the context of change or crisis, that bear a utopic, if critical spirit, that write towards music, art, cultural spam and other media. Collections that hold a swerve, a touch of philosophy. I like poems with a whisky-worthy aftertaste, poems with occasional neon, poems that want to chat, polish, invent a tempo. Poems that look good in lo-fi form. Poems with flora and fauna I don’t know the name of. Poems about hospitality, precarity and liminal labour. Poems on the edge of ecology, poems that play with futurity but don’t just toss it across the wall of apocalypse. I’m looking for poets that might know what Lisa Robertson means when she writes, ‘Sincerity’s eroticism is different from wit’s. The narcotic and the cosmetic each distribute a space. […] we like a touch of kitsch in each room to juice up or pinken the clean lines of the possible’. I’m especially interested in hearing from writers who identify as women, queer or trans, writers of colour, disabled writers and those who write from a neurodivergent perspective.

If any of that catches a spark with you, I might be keen to read it. For details on how to submit and how we might go about publishing your work, please visit the Dostoyevsky Wannabe submissions page here. For an idea of what we want, get your hands on some of Dostoyevsky Wannabe’s previously published poetry books, or go listen to Björk’s album Vespertine while doing some ad-hoc yoga or something.

All poetry submissions or related enquiries can be directed to maria [at] Please do not expect an immediate response as inboxes tend to get pretty busy."

- Maria