Who are we?

It's a question we ask ourselves a lot. Let's see.

We were shortlisted for the 2018 Republic of Consciousness Prize for small presses for Isabel Waidner's Gaudy Bauble.

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"...any publisher called Dostoyevsky Wannabe, frankly, has to be worth a ticket to Manchester, which – along with Sheffield and Norwich – is becoming a soul city of micropublishing."
Claire Armistead in the Guardian
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"With their books retailing at around £5 each, accessibility seems to me an important part of Dostoyevsky Wannabe, and the most obvious comparison for me is the independent record label K Records in 1980s Olympia, Washington. Similarly to Dostoyevsky Wannabe, K Records ideology was based around using the technology of the day to democratise the process of making lots of art, by capitalising on the cheapness and malleability of cassette tape technology. For Dostoyevsky Wannabe, the 2018 version of this vision is to capitalise on the tools of late capitalism. "
Spotlight on Dostoyevsky Wannabe in the London Magazine
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...interviewed in 3am Magazine by Fernando Sdrigotti.
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...interviewed in Entropy Magazine
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Dostoyevsky Wannabe interviewed in Queen Mob's Tea House by Vlad.
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"For one thing, it’s published and distributed entirely through Createspace (Amazon). When I first figured that out the pompous indie bookseller in me raised an eyebrow. Amazon again? Really? But this is what I appreciated about encountering Dostoyevsky Wannabe in general, because if their content is challenging literary norms, their dedication to producing and distributing innovative literature at the lowest possible cost for the greatest number also challenges the righteous belief that us indies somehow hold the moral high ground away from the corporate hubbub.

We don’t. We’re deep in it with everybody else. Using our factory built laptops to access Facebook and Twitter in order to hustle just like everybody else, all the while trying to take our lived and contradictory experiences to create something that challenges the systems of oppression around (and within!) us, molding all of this into a joyful protest."
Terry Craven in The Bookseller on Dostoyevsky Wannabe and innovation in bookselling.
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