Dostoyevsky Wannabe Indie Book Fair - London

Dostoyevsky Wannabe and the Contemporary Small Press project are hosting an indie book fair at University of Westminster on 19th October 2019

The London Indie Book Fair will takes place at the University of Westminster.

London Indie Book Fair - October 2019

Following on from a trio of successful book fairs arranged in Manchester, October brings Dostoyevsky Wannabe's brand of Indie Book Fair to London in association with The Contemporary Small Press project based at the University of Westminster. The fair will feature Prototype Publishing, The 87 Press (sharing with Pamenar Press), Ma Bibliotheque, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Influx, Open Pen, And Other Stories, Bookworks, Les Fugitives, Fitzcarraldo, Boiler House Press, Hotel, Green Bottle Press, Death of Workers Whilst Building Skyscrapers, Silver Press, Source Mag, Gallic Books, Arachne Press, Nightjar, Tilted Axis and Information as Material.

Book browsing music this time comes from Dostoyevsky Wannabe’s Invisible DJs who will be playing their erm...invisible music. There'll be a bar for a drink and it all runs from 12-6pm on a Saturday afternoon on the 19th October.

About Dostoyevsky Wannabe Indie Book Fairs

We are a very small press and whilst we put on very occasional book-fairs, they are not our main area and are rather something we do on the side when the opportunity arises. When we do put on fairs, the aim is simple and that is to offer an inexpensive table to a few invited small and medium-sized presses so that they can sell their books and we usually join them in selling our own.

It’s probably true to say that our Indie Book Fairs focus on creating a laid-back atmosphere free of the solemn, church-like spirit that sometimes attaches itself to book fairs and there are no readings punctuating the event which means no spoons tapping on glasses to get everyone’s attention followed by hushed silences. It's all just very relaxed. We encourage people to come along and hang around and talk to the presses involved, have a drink, listen to some music, buy a book, have another drink, browse some more stalls and buy some more books and just generally come down and hang out for the afternoon.

In response to a few enquiries about one of the presses who were due to be at the London Fair Fair and who now are not, further information can be found here.